Just Add Light: Strengthening Georgia’s communities through reliable energy – Georgia Transmission
During these uncertain times, Georgia Transmission wants to reassure EMC members across the state that we remain steadfast in our commitment to maintaining the state’s electric grid and providing reliable power for local EMCs. We have prepared for this moment. We have comprehensive plans, policies and procedures in place that will protect the health and safety of our associates, while helping keep the lights on for millions of Georgians.

Just Add Light: Strengthening Georgia’s communities through reliable energy

January 2, 2020

Imagine it: Smalltown chatter fills your local barbershop or salon. Kids play hide-and-seek on a fall Saturday. A South Georgia farmer feeds his stable of horses in the late evening, after the sun has set on a hard day’s work. Students arrive in a classroom for their first day of school. Customers drop by their local coffee shop for a quick cup on the way to work Monday morning. A nearby factory fires on all cylinders, fueling a local community’s economy.

Although it might not be obvious at first, there’s a common factor in these everyday scenes: Light. Access to reliable energy is something that some may take for granted, but the act of flipping a switch does more than just add literal light to our surroundings. For homes and hometowns across Georgia, it adds opportunity and productivity that illuminate ideas and innovation.

At Georgia Transmission, we’re honored to work alongside local EMCs to strengthen communities by providing reliable, affordable energy to more than 4 million people.

From classrooms to city halls, farms to Friday night football fields, we work diligently with local electric cooperatives to help bring energy to businesses and residents.

We do it to foster long-term prosperity, helping people maintain a high quality of life and ensuring opportunities for strong economic success.

Take a moment and go back to the beginning of this story. Imagine all of those places again, but this time, think of what they were like before someone flipped on the light switch.

We’re proud that for millions of Georgians — including families, first responders, business owners, students, teachers, physicians and more — we’re able to help keep the lights on. Today and every day, we remain committed to serving local EMCs and their customers to make sure they can add light to their communities.